10 Minute Skirt: Simplicity 2692

1 Aug

Does this count as casual?

Rachel from Boo Dogg & Me just wrote an awesome post on the difficulties with ‘casual’ and it got me thinking.

When I’m home, I can without fail be found in one of the 20 pairs of pajamas I own. They’re comfortable, with their soft flannelet and elastic waists wooing me never to get dressed. I live by myself, there’s no one to impress here, and if I’m sewing I’m constantly moving from the table to the floor for cutting, to trying things on so they’re practical too.

However, one too many times I have been caught out, answering the door in my pjs and from the look on peoples faces, they are not impressed by pjs at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon.

So here is an attempt at something that bridges the gap. I got this lycra/jersey type fabric for cheap from Spotlight last week without much of a plan. I used the front skirt piece from Simplicity 2692 (the mermaid dress) and sewed the side seams on my over-locker.

Now I haven’t quite got the hang of threading the green machine yet so I went over the stitching with a narrow zigzag.

Then I used the same stitch to attach some spare elastic to the waist and “hey presto”.

I didn’t even bother hemming it – 10 minutes and I was done.


Pattern, Elastic & Thread: $0 (from stash)

Fabric: $14 (1.8m @ $8/m – Spotlight)

TOTAL: NZ$14.0 / US$10.20

WARNING NOTE: Perhaps I was a little too lazy with the whole, not hemming thing. I walked down the steps from my front door with a carton under one arm and a laptop/handbag balanced on the other and just as I was thinking :man it would suck to trip on the long skirt right now” – I did. Just a couple of bruises, luckily, but I’m going to lop a couple of inches off the bottom.


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