6 Aug

Yesterday I was googling “fba McCall’s 5525” for prepping the trench coat (Erica B. did it and that lady sews/fits garments impeccably)when I came across Shams’ blog Communing With Fabric where, as well as a fabulous version of the coat, she had done an interesting activity to find a flattering colour palette. She took a photo of her eye and ran it through colorhunter to identify the shades. Good idea I thought but my problem was that it entirely depended on what light I took the photo in.

But after ending up in an obsessive loop on the site – I have a lovely palette of colours.

Iris under different lights

Just a bit of frivolous fun on a friday. Now on to the weekend plan:

  • Trench-coat-a-go-go: No promises but hopefully I can get this done by Sunday night
  • I finally found some narrow black and white striped knit for the Brian Reyes inspired stripey-dress so I’d like to figure out the pattern adjustments on Vogue 1109 if I have time.
  • I follow so many insanely cool sewing blogs so I really want to figure out how to set up the blog roll.

Yes, my pajamas are stripey too! Have a great weekend, and wish me luck.


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