SSS Days Three + Four

7 Sep

Day Four

Playing a little catch-up here as I’m desperately trying to finish a couple of things to pack in my suitcase as I’m working from Wellington this week. (I’ve set up these auto posts so fingers crossed).

Day Three

On Friday (Day 3), I decided to take pity on the rust jacket and give it one last try, first by belting it as above. But I had to sit and type all day at the office and the belt was digging in, I ended up wearing it loose.

Jacket - Simplicity 2372; Top - Dorothy Perkins; Pants - New Look 6190

I don’t mind it but I just don’t love it and as someone smart once said – “If you don’t love it or really need it, it doesn’t belong in your wardrobe or your life”.

My boss complimented me on it at work so I told her she could have it and she’s totally over the moon which makes me feel a lot better than keeping it on the off chance I’ll talk myself into loving it.

Plus seriously, self stitched present for the boss… gotta be worth some brownie points, right? (kidding)

Jacket - Veronika Maine; Top - Simplicity 2593; Jeans - Garage

I lost my mojo this weekend and didn’t get any sewing done. In fact, I barely left the house. I was just so wiped.

On Saturday I ran down to the mall to grab a couple of much needed belts. I stumbled across this outfit in a quick-grab-whatever’s-clean haze as I tried to get to the shops before the Saturday crowds, but I ended up loving it.

The jacket is one of my all time favourite Veronika Maine purchases and is made from Japanese cotton.

The top, I wasn’t sure about when I made it but it’s become one of my weekend staples, more due to the lovely dark gingham fabric than the style.

And by chance these two pretty things worked nicely together.


2 Responses to “SSS Days Three + Four”

  1. Angela September 8, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    Those are great outfitS!

    • lazystitcher September 10, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

      Thank you, Angela! Btw – loving your posts on your New York trip. So jealous.

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