SSS: Day Ten + TGIF

10 Sep

Day Ten; Trench - McCall's 5525; Tee + Jeans - Garage

Guess what I bought back from Wellington with me?

… Strep Throat! I am not a happy camper and I feel like I’m swallowing spiky golf balls so I took the day off work and went to the Doctor. Which reminded me why I haven’t been in so long. The doctor was fine but I swear the consultation took a grand total of 5 minutes and I was sent off with Erythromycin.

I really don’t like taking antibiotics – they send my body haywire so I’m going to give it the weekend and see if I improve before taking them. Strep throat?! I’m 28, I thought only kids and teenagers got it? The end result right now, is that it’s Friday night and I’m on the couch missing my mum and family and feeling sorry for myself.

And also feeling guilty for feeling sorry for myself because I really shouldn’t.

This weekends list:

Collete Patterns Lady Grey

  • Egads, I need to earn myself some mad-money. Gertie’s already talking muslins on the Lady Grey Sew Along and I don’t even have a clue as to what fabric to choose. I’ll be checking the Flickr group for inspiration.
  • I haven’t made a dress in a while so I’m hankering to knock one out.

Christina Hendricks inspired dress form Gertie

I have some purple double knit I bought a while back to make a version of this dress, so it may be on the cards.

  • At a third of the way through Self-Stitched-September, I know I need to fill a couple of wardrobe gaps. Namely, these jeans inspired by Stitchywitch over on Green Apples.

Kate Jeans from Green Apples

But for tonight – the only plan is some soothing vege soup and a trashy episode of New Zealand’s Next Top Model.


2 Responses to “SSS: Day Ten + TGIF”

  1. Brumby September 11, 2010 at 10:15 am #

    Poor darling! A friend in Auckland had Strep Throat a few weeks back too, shes just a tad older than you.

    I also have that black dress of Gerties bookmarked to make, I love the neckline detail, simple but effective!
    I’ll probably make it with sleeves though, I am not a big fan of showing off my arms!


  1. TGIF + Memories « Lazy Stitching - September 17, 2010

    […] thisclose to finishing my purple double-knit Gertie dress. I’m just tweaking the fit, sewing on the neck line straps and […]

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