15 Oct

The DimitySO ads feature bloggers like Drea Morsby

Flash forward to Monday morning at the office water cooler…

Work Friend: So, what did you do on Friday night?

Me: Oh I was so excited, I watched a DVD called ‘Full Busted’… it was awesome!

Work Friend: ?!?!?!

Yesterday’s ill-fitting ball gown post segues nicely into the arrival of my Palmer/Pletch Full Busted DVD which takes the viewer through how to complete a full bust adjustment on almost any style of pattern.

I’ve been challenged all week with the fba on my Colette Macaron pattern which just didn’t want to behave so I’m much excited to soak up the demos on the DVD. Hopefully, I can iron out the kinks this weekend.

In order to get the best bust fit, I’m also going to take a drive out to the Bendon Outlet store now they’ve started stocking the gorgeous DimitySO line of D-J cup bras. For years, I was stuck in the same style of brassiere as my grandmother but no more.

Whilst they are pretty pricey to buy at the regular stores, the bendon outlet stores usually have a sale where they are around half price or less, plus, they carry the odd combo of small band, big cup that I can never find in a department store.

The sales ladies are a sometimes grouchy and frank but boy do they know their stuff. I’ve been measured before with one of those tape measures used for fittings and it recommended a 36 DD, however the sales-woman took one look and pulled out exactly the right size (34 G) and I’ve never had a bra fit so well.

It’ll be an early trip out to the suburbs tomorrow to beat the marauding shoppers, so I’m going to have a quiet night, drinking a glass of Sav and listening to this song.

How’s your week gone?


3 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Patty October 16, 2010 at 12:57 am #

    oh! oh! oh! I am curious as to how to do an FBA on a surplice bodice! Does the DVD cover that?? Does it? Does it??

    On a related note, instructional DVDs seen so strange to me – hard to work along/reference when you need it! I hope you do a follow up post!

    • lazystitcher October 16, 2010 at 5:53 am #

      Hey Patty,

      I’ll definitely do a follow up post because, damn the DVD is really cool and easy to follow… I don’t have a copy of Fit for Real People like most people seem to so this just blew my mind.

      … And they totally have a surplice bodice adjustment! (Embarrassing side note: I had to google surplice bodice ’cause I hadn’t heard that term before :))

  2. rachel October 16, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    I think a properly-fitted bra is one of the key ingredients in a wardrobe. I don’t have a large bust, but do have a ‘valley’ in the middle — which means I can’t just trot into a shop and buy according to my bust measurement. I always buy from department stores and get fitted every time. I almost always buy Elle McPherson bras – they just seem to fit the best.

    Good luck on the shopping trip — and I really like the blonde hair!

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