Put a bird on it.

16 Mar

I have a soft spot for birds – it’s true. They just seem to find their way into my home without my realization, until pointed out by a visitor. Happily the visiting Canadian is one person who has more bird things even than me.

On a low-key evening last week we caught this clip of the show, Portlandia.

Love it!

But I refuse to let it damper my bird obsession – thankfully neither did Sarah who found my stash of blackbird clothes pegs and went to town!

Seriously kindred spirits!

Here’s some more of my favourite bird finds via Pinterest

(Click through for source)


One Response to “Put a bird on it.”

  1. rachel March 22, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    Love your bird clips! There is a shop near me that sells little wooden birds that look very similar to the ones in the last photo.

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