The Summer Palette

3 Jun

Just because my mojo AWOL this year, doesn’t mean I stopped thinking about sewing projects, or even that I stopped buying fabric and patterns – I just never quite made it to the sewing machine. Ah well,  this means I have lots of inspiration pics collected on Pinterest to draw on. Angie A. over at Quality Time has been summarizing her Pinterest pins in order to distill her wardrobe taste so I’ve followed her lead when it came to making a Summer Palette for my travel wardrobe.

The first step of Colette Pattern’s Spring Palette Challenge was to create a colour palette before choosing projects. The forums on their site provide loads of inspiration too.

The colours I’ve picked combine my staples (let’s admit it I wear a fair bit of black due to my clumsy coffee spilling ways) with soft denim, washed out cobalt blue, deep turquoise, buttery yellow and a rosy hot pink. I like the idea of colours that were originally really saturated but have been washed out a little by sunlight.

After picking the colours, I went back to my modest stash and pulled any fabrics I thought might work.

I seem to have plenty of blues and blacks but less so of the brighter warmer colours but still there’s pieces here, including some denim.

A slinky knit in lots of the palette colours

12m of this slubby black cotton

Ivory matte satin

2m of turquoise swiss-dot cotton

Shimmery cobalt fabric for a cocktail dress


2 Responses to “The Summer Palette”

  1. Josephine June 3, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    So happy to see you back and blogging. Hope things have improved for you and that everything in your life is starting to settle down.

  2. Brumby June 5, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    LOVE LOVE the cobolt blue

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