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I love a lucky dip!

8 Aug


Lucky me, I won Karen’s Luck Dip giveaway on her blog Did You Make That?

Wan to join me on the suspenseful unveiling?

what could it be?

better unwrap it carefully...

ripping into it is way more fun!

it's a brooch! in the shape of...

... a teapot!

working the brooch. Hmm... not quite me...

on a head band? Now we're talking!

Thank you, Karen!

Sewing Space: Sneak Peak

29 Mar

Yay, my new sewing space is finally coming together… only three months late!

I’ll be finishing it off this weekend all going to plan but in the meantime here are a couple of sneak peaks…

… and a shot of the ‘in-progress’ carnage!

Madewell Bracelets at home

7 Nov

Definitely fighting the conveyer belt this week, and had a very unproductive weekend which mostly consisted of catching up on sleep after all the travel. Still I felt the need to fit in something creative before heading back to the office tomorrow – they say it’s good for the soul.

When I saw this Madewell Colorblock Bangle on the Creature Comforts blog I new it was a winner.

All you need to do is wrap a little left over thread around a spare bangle and secure the ends.

Not really as neat and tidy as the bought one but not bad for a quick craft fix :).